budapest "L" shoulder bag

made from 8 punctured inner tubes


Ed Westwick+Helena Christiansen

oh my!!!

in this month's harper's bazaar


Michel Rojkind

mexican architect i saw in denver at aias forum. “If a design doesn’t turn me on,” he says, “something is wrong." always extreme, never dull.

liverpool contemporary center.

PR 34 House.

The Ting Tings_We Walk

cool cinematography. nice lyrics.


i like yellow dresses...

Maurizio Galante


Christian Dior

aeolus [cont.]

so my hard drive crashed this morning, it is officially dead.  this is what i hurriedly came up with for class.


tables and chairs.

i think i just like the colors.

mummy? centrepointe? hmmm.....

aeolus project

so im in a seminar dealing with presenting wind data to the public and exploring potential solutions for urban wind harnessing.

this is what i turned in last week, potential data graphics and installation ideas.

hello all!

i'll be posting everything from schoolwork to stuff i think is remotely interesting.