i want a pair/am inspired to create my own
by London architect Julian Hakes

a treat

what designer wouldn't want these??
by artist Nico189 PANTONECANS®



i want to sit in it, it screams comfort. inspired by hotel guests clothing.

the traveler by ODA architecture

courtesy of design milk


we were asked to take our case study and morph it into an instance system that reacts to large and small program and respective circulation.

we chose to continue with the "instance" of the floor plate, and the use of simple successive cuts to create different conditions that react and adapt to a yet unspecified program.

the goal throughout the exercise was to maintain the articulation of the floor plates.

case study

aqua tower by studio gang
chicago, il

in the typical studio format, we were asked to analyze an existing building. the focus of the analysis is the manipulation of the facade topography based upon exterior views.


lampshades 'recession style'

cheap, easy to make (though im sure liqui design would rather you buy theirs)

reminds me of halloween.

ink time.

the ink moves one day at a time, plug in a new color each month. you know you want one.
by oscar diaz